About our Accelerator Programs

India’s First Sector Agnostic, Multi Stage Incubator & Accelerator


Structured Incubation and Acceleration Programs, High quality Mentoring, Networking Events, Premium & Spacious Co-working & Selective funding to help companies build the foundation of solid, scalable & profitable businesses.

Our lineage and experience in India, Africa, South East Asia, US, and Europe help Start-ups to significantly reduce their learning curve for scaling up businesses.

For start-ups that require office space, our Premium Co-working space in NOIDA promotes High Productivity, Creativity, Innovation & Disruptive Ideas.

The network of our investors helps start-ups with seed as well as follow-on capital, including co-investments, and the investors with the opportunity to connect and invest in selected start-ups.


We are a multi-stage business incubator and accelerator, with a premium & spacious co-working space.

We run time bound programs, which includes high quality mentoring by a super-experienced in-house team and a panel of industry experts.

Our biggest differentiator is that our programs are customized for the stage the start-up is at and tailored to their specific requirements, i.e., some start-ups may need help with their product development; some may need help on refining their concept, while some may need advice on sharpening their go-to-market plans or their business case.

While all start-ups get the benefit of our mentoring framework, the program deliverables are custom designed based on an early-assessment of the venture’s need gaps.

The program offers to provide Startups funding opportunities along with selective inhouse funding upto Rs 2 Cr depending on the stage of the venture. The program is designed to take the ventures to the next stage of their journey and make them better prepared for follow-on capital.

What We Offer to Startups

@ Aspirelabs

Concept Stage Startups

We help founders sharpen their business strategy, and make them better prepared for funding and building a business. This includes helping them sharply define their business, build the MVP, positioning, pricing strategy & business model, and overall go-to-market plans

Up to Rs.50 lacs of funding.

Access to stage-appropriate follow on capital from us, as well as other investors.

MVP & Pilot Stage Startups

We help founders build the foundation for scale, which includes refining their strategy, marketing program, sales program, organization building, go-to-market plans and funding strategy.

Rs.50 lacs to Rs. 1 cr. of capital

Access to stage-appropriate follow on capital from us, as well as other investors.

Early Growth Stage Startups

We work with founders in sharpening and executing their scaling up plans. This includes helping them with market expansion beyond pilot stage, scaling up the team & technology and refining their processes.

Upto Rs.2 cr of capital

Access to stage-appropriate follow on capital from us, as well as other investors.

Why Choose Us

Conducive working environment, support services and resources

Premium Co-working space in NOIDA (if required by the startup).
Access to service provider partners, including HR, finance & accounts, legal, web-design and marketing.
Introductions to potential initial corporate customers (on a best-effort basis, but leveraging out deep connect with industry across India, South East Asia, Africa, US and Europe.
PR & media outreach support

Stage Appropriate Capital

Multi-stage funding – Initial stage-appropriate capital.
Access to follow on capital which could be our own investments as well as investments/co-investments with/by our network of institutional investors.
Firmed up business plan that is sharp on strategy and solid on the business case. This will include the readiness of the product/service and the organization to move to the next level/scale up.

Advice & Mentoring to take your venture to the next level

Super-customized programs as per stage and need gaps of the startup.
Sector Agnostic. In fact, our in-house experts as well as mentor panel bring significant experience across sectors.
On-campus learning sessions that are part of the program, as well as invitations to industry events organized by us and our industry partners.

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Step 1

Startups are reviewed within 10 days of receiving applications.

Step 2

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a telephonic interaction with our review team. (Startups that are not shortlisted will be provided feedback on why we are not able to proceed further).

Step 3

The startup will then be asked to make an in-person presentation to the selection committee (outstation candidates can present via video conference).

Step 4

Post the final presentation selected candidates will be offered a term-sheet outlining the terms of engagement.

Step 5

After the startup accepts the term sheet, basic due-diligence will begin.

Step 6

Post a successful due-diligence report, the startup will be accepted into the program and the investment process will commence.

To begin with we are starting with our inaugural cohorts focused on Clean Tech and All Sectors