What is the role of Start-ups when it comes to Accelerators?

Accelerators play an essential role in the growth of Start-ups it selects. This statement is also valuable in vice-versa version, i.e., Start-ups play a vital role in the growth of Accelerators, they join. How? Let’s take a look—

Mutual Growth

No accelerator can jump to the stage of earning profit and goodwill until or unless it collaborates with right start-ups. Each accelerator constructs some objectives of the respective accelerator program. For instance, CleanEdge Accelerator Program is concentrating on growth of Start-ups which need waste management and environmental sustainability and so on. Similarly, mutual objectives of start-ups and accelerator lead to mutual growth. Not only does mutual growth evidence the success of program but motivates the new entrepreneurs in the industry.

Investment Opportunities

Accelerator programs do not come spare handed. They hold some investment plan, i.e., they invest their money, time and mentorship in selected start-ups. Hence, Start-up brings investment opportunities to the accelerator. Akin to, AspireLabs has launched CleanEdge Accelerator Program which provides seed-funding up to 25 Lakh to the selected start-ups. The cohort size of the Program is 15. Thus, such investment opportunities are forecasted as a big success strategy for the program in the long-run.

Achieve Societal Goals

One of the primary goals of accelerator programs is to achieve few societal goals. CleanEdge Accelerator Program societal goals are environmental sustainability, waste management, renewable energy, and recycling. For the achievement of such purposes, a group of start-ups to make a difference visible is essential. Start-ups working in an environmentally sustainable workplace and stimulating waste management practices help the program to achieve its societal goals. An inspirational-driven behavior from the start-ups’ end is enough to make a change in targeted society.

Maintain a Diversified Environment

Start-ups bring an environment of diversity to the workplace. How? In noteworthy of mentioning, Accelerator Programs attract start-ups as participants to join the race of selection from different parts of the world. Specific numbers of start-ups are selected at the final stage. All the selected start-ups are brought under one roof to work and freedom to collaborate. This collaboration brings diversity to the workplace. Undoubtedly, Diversity brings a silent success to the accelerator’s team or mentors’ skill development.

Team Dynamic Enhancement

Accelerator Programs come with Human Resource based advantages as well. Yes! An accelerator like AspireLabs which has launched CleanEdge Accelerator Program brings a group of entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts to help start-ups grow. Start-ups with different goals, different techniques, and various team members lead to the dynamic growth of the Accelerator team.

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