Real-time Start-up Growth in a challenging environment – CleanEdge Accelerator Program

Environmental Sustainability, Waste Management & Renewables are the significant challenges that India is struggling through. The government of India has brought its substantial initiatives into working to recover from these problems. However, the minor changes couldn’t make much difference.

Why Accelerator?

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At the micro level also there have been efforts by individuals, Organizations, Young businesses and Startups to find solutions to these growing problems.

Sourcing and helping innovation in these areas is required to provide a platform to new-age innovators. It will give rise to new materials, end-of-life innovations, better product designs, and efficient manufacturing.

The Program brings technology and investors to the doorsteps of inspiring start-ups with the potential for growth and social objectives.

Polyplex and Shriram Institute have joined hands and introduced an Accelerator Program-“CleanEdge” to bridge the above gap. The Program focuses on Environmental Sustainability, Waste Management & Renewables and much more. The program will run for four months from February 19 till May 19.

Who Can Apply For The CleanEdge Accelerator Program?

CleanEdge Accelerator program has started accepting applications. 15 is the cohort size of the program, i.e., 15 start-ups will be selected to join the program. The Program will benefit the chosen Start-ups via 1) Functional Strategy Experts, High-quality intensive mentorship by Startup Experts, domain related technical & sector-specific experts. 2) Providing Access to State-of-the-Art pilot lab facility at SRI-TBI in Delhi & Co-working facility at Aspirelabs 3) Providing Access to Emerging Technologies, Opportunity to raise Seed-Capital upto 25 lakhs.4) Access to Impactful investors and Potential Customers.5) Go to market strategy 65) Post acceleration support.

The Program is launched by Polyplex and Shriram Institute – Technology Business Incubator. Also, the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India supports the Program within the framework of Developing and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI) scheme.

Who Are We?

Polyplex Corporation Limited ( is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of packaging film. Polyplex holds manufacturing amenities in five countries and skilled employs over 2000 at the global level. Along with the Infrastructural support, Polyplex also brings in high-quality business mentor pool, global linkages and market access for young startups through the power of global networking.

Shriram Institute for Industrial Research provides research and testing services of plastics, rubbers, specialty chemicals, and waste management elements. It accelerates the growth of startups through new and innovative ideologies based on advanced technologies and promoting entrepreneurs’ technical intellect through its Technology Business Incubator (

Insights Into The Accelerator Program

Aspirelabs Accelerator will execute the CleanEdge Accelerator Program ( which is founded by Ranjit Singh- Director at Polyplex Corporation Limited and an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus. Aspirelabs, a start-up accelerator is situated in Delhi-NCR. Aspirelabs workplace is outspread to ten thousand square feet of premium office space and accessibility to new-age business and startup mentorships. Aspirelabs is in collaboration with Startup Oasis ( – a Jaipur based incubator known as Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) ( which is India’s leading incubator operating under the aegis of IIM Ahmedabad.

Application Processtimeline

Registrations for CleanEdge Accelerator are now open. Program details are available at Also, you may like to share this article with budding entrepreneurs working in clean-tech areas in your network to help drive innovation, growth, and collaboration in a socially impactful field.

For queries – one may contact CleanEdge directly or

Abhinav Ramaria 8826636677 / Jessica Arora 9267932409 (Aspirelabs),

Bhupesh Sharma 9871438033 / Akash Sharma 9990648217 (SRI-TBI)

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