Power your Startup with #CleanEdge Accelerator Program

What is CleanEdge Accelerator Program?

CleanEdge Accelerator Program is a four-month Accelerator Program. It is a joint initiative in collaboration of Shriram Institute-Technology Business Incubator (SRI-TBI) and Polyplex Corporation Limited. Being supported by a well-built incubator with 45 start-ups in control and the world’s largest polyester films manufacturer, CleanEdge Accelerator Program will bring seed funding opportunities to 5 start-ups at the final stage of the program. The program is also launched under the support of the Department of Science and Technology and the Government of India as a part of NIDHI Program. The CleanEdge Accelerator Program concentrates on the growth of start-ups which are promoting Environmental Sustainability, waste management, and Renewable. Besides, CleanEdge has also settled to support start-ups with objectives to make social impacts and start-ups which are founded or co-founded by women.

Why signup for CleanEdge Accelerator Program?

The answer to this question is well-depicted through the benefits of CleanEdge Accelerator Program. These are as following—

Seed Capital

In the selection process of CleanEdge Accelerator Program, only 5 out of 250 applications are considered for Seed Capital. Seed Capital is the capital used at the initial stage of Business. Seed Capital comes from personal assets of Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalists, friends or family. The exciting part is, CleanEdge Accelerator Program offers seed capital up to 25 Lakh to selective start-ups. It helps the start-ups to grow.

Emerging Technologies Accessibility

CleanEdge Accelerator program supports technology-driven businesses by providing easy access to emerging technologies. The team Aspirelabs does not only bring mentorship within the workplace for selected start-ups but also trains start-ups. This training is based on the optimization of advanced technologies to benefit their Businesses.

Build Innovation Capability

Innovation is the key to success for start-ups. A new ideology, strategy and working system can lead start-ups to a breakeven point of improvement. However, Innovation does not come easy because the capabilities to innovate is needed among team members. The CleanEdge Accelerator Program helps to build these capabilities by providing the right resources and guidance of entrepreneurship.

Maintained Global Network

The good part about joining an Accelerator Program is that you do not have to go overseas or on international social networking sites to maintain a Global Network. The CleanEdge Accelerator Program brings Diversity of work ethics & cultures within the workplace. Aspirelabs is the workplace for CleanEdge Accelerator Program selected start-ups. Working under one roof, the collaboration between two or multiple start-ups becomes easy. It helps the start-ups to grow their global network.

How to apply for CleanEdge Accelerator Program?

You can apply for CleanEdge Accelerator Program Here. The process starts with the registration of first 250 applications via online portal among which 50 applications will be shortlisted. Final Selection will be based on the interview and presentation, either direct or online. The cohort size is 15 start-ups. Hence, only 15 start-ups will be selected at the final stage. Also, CleanEdge Accelerator Program will provide seed-capital to 5 start-ups among the selected one.

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