Plastic Banega Fantastic by Ajay Devgan

Everyone has its own choice of darling a celebrity, however, not all the time! Whenever a celebrity makes a move of good fortune towards the society, nature, and its fans, he/she makes a great place in people’s heart. January 19, 2019: Ajay Devgan along with his wife Kajol attended an event at Mahim Creek in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Mahim Creek is an arena in the city which is circulated with both industrial and residential neighborhood sites. Hence, all the dumping of waste from industrial and residential sites attacked Mahim Creek, and the place has got polluted in the meantime. Upon the arrival at the conference of the campaign named “Plastic Banega Fantastic,” Ajay Devgan mentioned, “the campaign is a plastic waste awareness-based campaign about the terrible effects of usage of plastic.” At the site of the campaign, the celebrity couple engaged in broom the plastic waste away along with NGO Workers. In noteworthy of mentioning, Malishka Mendonsa, who is popularly known as RJ Malishka, had also joined Ajay and Kajol during the necessary step of waste management and awareness.

As a citizen of India, you must take a responsibility to save the environment in your way. An effort we take, a positive change we make!

Pollution, unsustainable environment, and other societal issues have become impossible to avoid in India. Keeping up with a similar agenda in mind, we introduce the CleanEdge Accelerator Program. It is a four months based start-ups accelerator program which brings growth fortune to the start-ups which promote society beneficial objectives. Shriram Institute-technology Business Incubator (SRI-TBI) is supporting the CleanEdge Accelerator Program by providing Research & Testing Services in the field of plastic, chemicals, rubber, and other renewable substances.

We are making a move, here’s what you can do to save the environment from harmful effects of plastic. Engage your start-up team in making a difference—


Plastic pollution is nothing new, and so, is not the solution ‘Recycling.’ From Island Nation, Marine Life, Food chain to well-being, Plastic has created an imbalance long ago which is growing day by day now. Practice recycling today and onwards to prevent the pollution from growing, do not throw the plastic bottles, tubes, and containers. Collect the plastic bottles lying around and give them to the recycling companies.

Build societal objectives

Start-ups mainly hold goals to grow and scale-up business, however, each start-up must build one societal goal to accomplish in the short run. You can host events and campaigns along with your start-up team to spread awareness about plastic waste pollution and how to prevent it. Join the CleanEdge Accelerator Program today, if you want to become a part of the sustainable workplace, and support towards your objective achievement.

What else can you do on your own to prevent plastic pollution?

• Cook your meals, avoid takeout container or bags food.
• Use Garment Bags
• Support bag taxes and ban

CleanEdge Accelerator Program creates mutual benefits: for start-ups, for the environment and its own. Register today to access these benefits.


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