Is your start-up scaling up rightly?

With so many start-ups being set up all over the world, growth for most start-ups does not come easy. The primary reason for such trouble concerning the extension of start-ups is the lack of venture capital and right mentorship. How can you help your start-up grow? CleanEdge Accelerator Program is here to help. Read on to find out how it can benefit your start-up.
What is CleanEdge Accelerator Program?
CleanEdge Accelerator Program is a joint initiative of Polyplex Corporation Limited and Shriram Institute-Technology Business Incubator (SRI-TBI). The program is based on helping selective start-ups grow along with promoting the idea of environmental sustainability, waste management, and renewable energy. CleanEdge provides additional support to start-ups that promote sustainability and work to eradicate social issues. Also, it works to support and promote start-ups that have been founded and/or co-founded by women.
How does CleanEdge Accelerator Program help start-ups grow?


CleanEdge Accelerator Program is open for applications. At the end of the selection procedure, only 15 (cohort size) start-ups will be selected. From these 15 start-ups, a minimum of 5 start-ups will receive the opportunity to grow their business using seed-funding. Yes, the program will provide seed-funding of up to 25 lac per start-up to scale their business and reach heights they aimed for. Not only will they provide the funding but will also transmit guidance sources for optimization of fund amount.
Environmentally Sustainable Workplace
In CleanEdge Accelerator Program, all the selected start-ups will come under one roof to work together. This workplace will be environmentally sustainable. It is noteworthy to mention that the idea of a sustainable workplace is to support the initiative of environmental sustainability. One of the primary workplaces provided by CleanEdge is Aspirelabs. This strategy of bringing selected start-ups together is quite beneficial for the start-ups themselves. These start-ups will consequently grow their global network and will be exposed to diversified work ethics and cultures. Another benefit would be the new opportunities for start-ups that would allow them to eventually grow.
Learning resources
The program will bring mentorship and experienced entrepreneurs’ guidance to the doorsteps. The start-ups will get to learn and grow under the leadership of first-grade businessmen and mentors. A clear picture of actions and consequences will be easily receivable through their advice, and thus business will grow.

Access to emerging technology
At primary level, it is not easy for start-ups to gain advanced technology or resources. However, even if they do get access to advanced technology or resources, having a trained and skilled team to utilize the technology in an optimized way is a rare possibility. CleanEdge Accelerator Program brings them both. Indeed, CleanEdge Program supports tech-driven start-ups, and therefore, there is a higher chance for them to grow along with their technical teams.
What is the procedure?

The procedure for CleanEdge Accelerator Program is simple. Applications are open now. The program is 4-month based, Feb’19 to May’19. Two hundred fifty applications will be accepted through the online portal. You can apply here.

Among the 250 applications, 50 will be selected based on complete business ideologies and objectives of the start-ups. Further, selected applicants will receive a final call for an interview and business presentation. It could be direct or online. Finally, the cohort of 15 start-ups will be announced. Among these 15 start-ups, a minimum of five start-ups will get seed-capital of up to 25 lac.

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