How do startup accelerators help start-ups scale up?

An accelerator can be defined in many different ways especially in the industrial sector. Often, start-up accelerators are described as the brand new angel investor. In a few definitions, start-up accelerators have also been compared to incubators. However, accelerators and incubators are different in the context of various terms. These terms include importance to start-ups, set schedule, sponsorship, and more. But how do start-ups choose between an accelerator and incubator? Here is how a start-up accelerator will help your start-up scale up—

Potential Networking Opportunities

Your start-up meets a fellow start-up and finds a way through which they can to share mutual growth. How many times does this happen? It is an infrequent occurrence where start-ups are out of investors, big enterprises, and network support, especially all at the same time. These accelerators drive networking opportunities for deserving start-ups. Take for example the CleanEdge Accelerator Program which will place 15 start-ups together under one roof, i.e., Aspirelabs. While working together, these start-ups can communicate, collaborate, and share possible mutual growth. Yes! It is that easy and the results are that evident.

Eliminate the need to find Angel Investors

If your business idea is inspiring, CleanEdge Accelerator Program is the right track for your start-up. These accelerators provide funds for selective start-ups allowing them to scale up. Similarly, CleanEdge Accelerator Program offers 25 lac of seed capital to a minimum of five start-ups. It is a four-month program.

Real-time Exposure

Here, it is noteworthy to mention that case studies and the history of entrepreneurs does not bring as much knowledge to the table as real-time exposure can bring. This real-time exposure is acquirable with start-up accelerators. In the presence of mentorship, experienced entrepreneurs and time-to-time advice offered by businesses, start-ups scale up. The exposure with start-up accelerators is intangible gold that enables you to scale up.

Access to advanced technology resources

Clean-tech start-up accelerators help tech-driven start-ups scale up in the presence of advanced technology and resources. Undoubtedly, start-ups in the first stage are not stable enough to deal with superior technology and resources. Thus, this leads to a lack of growth. CleanEdge Accelerator Program focuses on emerging technology and its optimized utilization to improve the pace of start-ups.

Co-working facilities

Different start-up accelerators have different objectives and roadmaps to accelerate the growth of start-ups. CleanEdge Accelerator Program provides access to a co-working facility at Aspirelabs. The lab is environmentally sustainable, well-equipped, and resourceful.

CleanEdge Accelerator Program is open for applications. Register today.

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