How are investors shaping the Indian startup landscape with Accelerators?

Stepping into the modern era with access to continuously emerging technologies, investors are helping in chiseling Indian startup landscape for better with Accelerators/incubators from the investment side. When resources/funding and an innovative idea come together, the journey of value addition, growth & scaling up begins for a startup in real sense.

One such example from the green startup category is ‘Chuk-Eat Safe’, launched in 2017, started as a biodegradable plate manufacturer in India. Today it is one of the few most popular and innovative pulp-to-product brands in the world.

Why should investors invest?

Eco-investing is the smartest way through which an investor can contribute towards social economy along with financial returns through better company valuation and impressive cap returns.

Who are these investors?

  1.    Angel investors

These are individuals/HNI’s investing in new ventures/ideas in a personal capacity. They are found across all industries and have an eye to pick & support early stage young entrepreneurs who are in/beyond seed stage financing but are not ready for large funding through venture capital/Private equity players.

  1.    Venture Capitalists (VC)

These are the investors who usually enter only after a business has started to grow significantly in terms of revenue. They get back most of their returns through “carried interest,” or a percentage received as compensation from the profits or equity exits.

  1.    Private Equity (PE)

It is an alternative form of private financing, away from public markets, in which an investor directly invests in startups/enterprise or engage in buyouts of such companies. Among the advantages of private equity is easy to access alternative forms of capital for entrepreneurs /company founders and less stress of quarterly performance.

India is the 4th nation in the list of large startup global economies, with eco-friendly entrepreneurs funded by angel investors and venture capitalists shaping the Indian market like never before. These investors are collaborating with sector-focused accelerators/incubators and supporting young entrepreneurs to take risks through disruptive ideas and business models.

Hence, it makes a win-win situation for both investors/accelerators, stakeholders, organizations to help startups through assistance in the form of financial as well as mentorship in scaling–up.

One such program introduced is CleanEdge Accelerator Program, focused on providing startups with mentorship, advice and necessary resources, seed capital, etc. to help the startups succeed. This also includes Demo Day, a day to focus the attention of the investor community on the startups through hosting a series of investment pitches from the startups to startup investors.

“Letting things happen organically can yield great results,” and Investors with the right Accelerators are precisely what the economy requires today.

With strategic planning, their program is designed in such a way that more and more startups register and get shortlisted, to not just scale-up their business but also contribute towards a circular economy.

Investors with accelerator programs get involved at all stages of a startup’s development, from the idea stage to revenue-generating, late stage.

India is one country that is a hub of talent and hard work. However, we believe the same should not go in vain, which is why Accelerators are introduced, and Investors are contributing to such eco-friendly programs.

The right guidance and opportunity can create wonders, helping young entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses. The quote- ‘Investors are partly the co-owners of every deal,’ is actually apt here. Sector Investors are experienced in this space and provide real value to young entrepreneurs at an early stage.

In CleanEdge Accelerator Program, about 200+ applications were received & finally a cohort of 15 is formed. Focus areas are – Circular economy, Renewables, Waste Management, 3D Printing, Recycling & Up-Cycling, Plastic & Rubber, and Environment Sustainability.

Thus Accelerators/Incubators & Investors together are shaping the Indian startup landscape vividly. So why not we come together and build a better pathway for early stage young entrepreneurs?

Join us in the journey of mentorship, networking and investing into young, Innovative, technology-driven scalable startups working in Waste Management, Environmental Sustainability& Renewable Energy areas. Feel free to reach out to us at

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