Factors to beat the key challenges— choosing Accelerators

There exists a breakeven point where the forecasted growth of an Accelerator program corresponds to the forecasted growth of start-ups it chooses. This breakeven point is accessible when the right accelerator is selected. The primary question among start-ups stands “how to choose the right accelerator?” Thus, there are some key challenges that start-ups may come across while looking for the right accelerator. Here are a few factors which lead to the successful selection of accelerator for your start-up, take a glimpse—

Get ready to share your success

More often than not, sole founders put this circumstance on the table where accelerators reject them because of being a lone wolf. Here’s a fact, accelerators select exclusive start-ups, i.e., which are doing uniquely amazing work towards society, industry, or towards their own goals. Being a lone wolf, you cannot install an impression of team spirit or having external goals. Hence, you must build a strong team with whom you are ready to share your success. The team helps the work to speed up and achieve goals.

Structure a triangle of founders

Three founders of a start-up is an indication of a solid team. Sole founders’ more often experience the breach of the team members in a few years, whereas a couple of founders may conflict and split. However, three founders is a proven combination of success for any start-up as all three manages their teams separately. Even in between founders any conflict takes place, the third person (founder) is always there to guard the root of start-up. As a founder, it is suggested that you should pick your team members with keen observation.

Accelerator or an Incubator, resolve this confusion!

Founders usually grow this confusion in between two terms: Accelerator and incubator. Undoubtedly, these two are similar terms concerning the growth of a start-up. However, Incubators only provide start-us a well-facilitated business environment, on the other hand, accelerators do more than that. Accelerators do not only offer a tech-advanced business environment but also helps the start-ups to grow and develop. Involvement of mentors & entrepreneurs is fundamental among accelerators, but not incubators. While choosing an accelerator for your start-up, make sure it fulfills the developmental needs of your start-up as its own objective.

Choose a Supportive team

A right accelerator program can be positioned overseas, or just in another city or state. Because of the unwillingness of your start-up team to relocate, you cannot sacrifice the significant source of growth. It is essential that your team is supportive of your decision. Again, building your start-up team with great care and observation is essential.

Follow up 4M’s of success

To choose or to be chosen by any accelerator, there are 4M’s of success: Market, Model, Management and Momentum. Balanced management and right ‘mass in motion’ can help you gain victory.

The team plays an equal role in creating a company’s culture and workplace into a motivated place. Thus, team matters when it comes to choosing an accelerator or chosen by an accelerator.

How to beat the challenges with the help of accelerators?

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