EU Market shouts out to forbid the use of single-use plastic products

Did you know that straws, cutlery, and disposable plates, i.e., single-use plastic products are on the verge of unbalancing environmental conditions? Due to the widespread growth of the hospitality industry, the usage of single-use products has gone over the limits. In January, the Presidency of Council and the European Parliament held discussions over a recent initiative based on restricting the use of single-use plastic products. The primary motive behind this initiative is to withhold the ever-increasing ocean pollution.
Environment Public and Health Committee of Europe targeted the respective ban mainly on the EU Market. The draft created by the committee included many categories of single-use products like plates, straws, cutlery, cotton buds, and beverage plastic implements. According to studies by the committee, the ban on plastic products will recover over 70% of the marine plastic-debris. Thus, from the year 2021, EU Market will be legally banned from storing any single-use plastic products. The entire initiative has been acknowledged as the European Plastic Strategy. Furthermore, the members of the European Parliament made additions to the list of products such as plastic bags, containers with ready-to-cook meals, and oxo-degradable plastics.

Not only Europe but also India is facing such pollution-related problems.  Various studies have shown that the rivers in India are severely polluted – 80% of India’s surface water is polluted. It is high time we take some action to make up for the damage done. It is also worth mentioning that many multinational companies in India are coming together to overcome this challenge systematically. CleanEdge Accelerator Program is one such initiative taken up jointly by Polyplex Corporation Limited and Shriram Institute-technology Business Incubator. This program runs under the support of the Government of India.

What is CleanEdge Accelerator Program?

CleanEdge Accelerator Program is a 4-month based program which will bring about environmentally sustainable and renewable waste management to action. The program, on the other hand, also focuses on the growth of start-ups which hold environmental objectives, all of which are tech-driven and founded by women. CleanEdge is an initiative meant to balance the environment and economy using a single podium.

What are benefits of CleanEdge Accelerator Program?

• Start-up scaling-up support
• Seed-capital of up to 25 lac offered to a minimum of five selected start-ups
• Access to advanced technology sources
• Sustainable workplaces to 15 selected start-ups, i.e., Aspirelabs
• 200 scientists for research by the Government of India

CleanEdge Accelerator Program is open for applications. If you think your start-up corresponds to our objectives and needs, register today!

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