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India, a land full of innovative entrepreneurs with dimensions in ideas, a varied culture of conventional businesses,  is now undergoing a transition from conventional businesses to a more digital and upgraded version of maximizing their market segment in terms of customer base, and their actual hold in the market. These startups are centered around a base idea, that can commercialize well and provide new and innovative services for the comfort level of customers. This has led to the multifold success of serial entrepreneurs.

However, in this race to win the investors and make a place for themselves, the startups are more concerned with extracting extra benefits from the investors in terms of their basic goal of profitability and with no concern for the environmental changes hence degrading the purity of nature in all forms.

Aspirelabs believes in boosting innovative ideas in Cleantech.

Cleantech primarily means developing technology that can help in sustaining the Earth’s resources with growing economic concerns which will also help in the growth of the economy thus creating a balance between industrial progress and environmental degradation.

How can this be done? It can be done through recycling and re-creating new ways of waste disposal or technology that helps in the reduction percentage of waste production.

To combat the dearth of ideas in this field of Cleantech, Aspirelabs has launched The CleanEdge Accelerator 101 program that focuses on the idea of sustainability of resources and promoting such ideology of startups, aims at encouraging the development of Cleantech.

Most investors look for practical solutions rather than theoretical models. Although a startup may give a full proof review of the project that is planned roughly, it needs guidance who are able to take out the flaws,  the negative path that they are choosing to go through to meet the demands and make it compatible for investors.

This forms a deficit between the demand and supply chain that needs to overcome for the success of a startup soon to turn into an enterprise. It then becomes imperative to empower worthy startups with skills and knowledge that can help them get the favor of investors. Aspirelabs CleanEdge Accelerator 101 program renders the best opportunity to grow and enhance such skills.

After reviewing all the applications, a cohort of 17 Startups is selected.

These startups are mentored to face the challenges that are likely to come their way. They get an opportunity to meet investors after rigorous training sessions and pitch their ideas to raise funds. A good idea, combined with a perfect plan and smart execution, ultimately gets funded. Various professionals from different sectors conduct these training sessions, and one can get all the experience to pitch a great idea the right way!

Accelerator programs like #CleanEdge Accelerator Program are beneficial steps towards a green economy.

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