CleanEdge Accelerator Program 

India being a land full of innovative entrepreneurs with dimensions in ideas, varied culture is now undergoing a transition from conventional businesses to a more digitalized world where the market segment in terms of customer base and their actual hold in the market is decided and done digitally. The introduction of startups revolves around the idea, that commercializing and the introduction of innovative services bring comfort for the customer. This directly has led to the multifold success for a large number of above innovative entrepreneurs.

However, in this race to growth and ultimately win the investors the startups are more concerned on profitability than looking at environmental aspects of their endeavors and ultimately damaging the environment.

However Aspirelabs – a Startup Accelerator based out of Delhi- NCR has taken an initiative to support innovative ideas & young entrepreneurs in Clean Tech domain.

Cleantech primarily means developing technology that can help in sustaining the Earth’s resources with growing economic concerns which will also help in the growth of the economy thus creating a balance between the industrial progress and environmental degradation.

How can this be achieved? It can be done through recycling and re-creating new ways of waste disposal or technologies that help in the reducing percentage of waste production and ultimately burden on mother earth.

To combat the dearth ideas in the field of Cleantech, Aspirelabs has launched its flagship program – CleanEdge Accelerator Program with the support of Polyplex Corporation Limited and Shriram Institute of Industrial Research. This Program focuses on sustainability, waste management & Renewables.

On the other side, Investors are also looking for genuine & innovative startups which would deploy practical solutions which are scalable and financially feasible. To begin with, a startup may give a full proof review of the project that is at the idea stage, and then it would require right mentorship and guidance from people like from Aspirelabs to get through it with investors.

It then becomes imperative to empower the worthy startups with skills and knowledge that can help them get the favor of investors. With Aspirelabs’ Clean Edge Accelerator Program it is the best opportunity to grow and get funded.


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