6 reasons to join a clean-tech startup accelerator

For new generation start-ups, there is a fundamental requirement of general advisory, a direction to reach the right source of funding, advanced technology resources, and the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs. Guess what! Clean-tech start-up accelerators are the best match to fulfill the basic requirements of start-ups for growth. Here is why you should join a clean-tech accelerator program today.
Comprehensive Support

When it comes to start-ups, management of operations becomes quite challenging. In various successful clean-tech accelerator programs, it has been proven that accelerators transmit constant support in keeping the start-ups’ operations moving forward. Alongside, accelerators bring mentorship and guidance to the doorway for start-ups. Thus, they receive the required directions right away.

An active program to learn from

Clean-tech start-up accelerator programs that are available for a limited or specified period like CleanEdge Accelerator Program are an excellent source of learning. This is a four-month program and is packed with day-to-day events, campaigns, and social activities. Start-ups get a ton of exposure from these events and activities. They get to grasp networking opportunities, high-quality feedback on their business presentations and grow from them.

Paced Knowledge & Exposure

In Clean-tech Accelerator Program, the participation of experienced entrepreneurs and mentors remains highly active. These mentors put their real-time experiences on the table for the start-ups enabling them to think out-of-the-box, to learn and grow. It helps the start-ups to see a pathway to their visions, that too, in a strategic way. Undoubtedly, an entrepreneur with a strong business strategy is a frontrunner.
Development of skills

Not all the new generation founders come with skills; some of them only have an inspiring business idea. Clean-tech accelerator programs help in the development of their business operating skills. CleanEdge Accelerator Program is one such program. Aspirelabs provides CleanEdge selected start-ups with a sustainable workplace, guidance, and mentorship of experienced entrepreneurs. Apart from this, the Aspirelabs’ team will bring skill development sessions for the start-ups to learn and grow within four months.

Access to Seed Capital

Yes, accelerator programs not only help in building the roadmap of growth for start-ups but also provide access to required funds. CleanEdge Accelerator Program launched jointly by SRI-TBI and Polyplex is a four-month program. This program will provide seed capital up to 25 lac to minimum five start-ups amongst the 15 selected ones. This seed capital can play a primary role in accelerating the growth of the chosen start-ups.

Easy collaboration with peers

When many start-ups come under a single workplace, their collaboration becomes a possibility. Aspirelabs, a workplace for the start-ups has been selected under CleanEdge Accelerator Program which will help these start-ups to collaborate and find growth opportunities. Also, the accelerator programs will stay open for the global start-ups. Thus, start-ups will find that extensive global networking is easy to attain.
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