CleanEdge Accelerator Program

Why should I apply for an accelerator?

What is common among start-ups? You can come up with many elements; however, a lack of investment, a venture capital and an instant growth are some of the most common.

Accelerators help fill this gap for start-ups and help them scale-up within a specific period through proper planning and strategy. CleanEdge Accelerator Program is a joint initiative of Polyplex Co. Ltd and SRI-TBI. It is a semi-government four-month based program. The program offers to select 15 start-ups by the end of the final stage and enhance their growth. Here is why you should apply for such an accelerator—

Venture Capital
As mentioned earlier, maximum number of start-ups lack the financial ability to support their growth. An accelerator works like an angel investor in this situation. If you lack financially, but your ideology of business is inspiring, you can make your way to the right accelerator program and make growth happen. CleanEdge Accelerator Program provides an amount of 25 lac as seed capital to a minimum of 5 start-ups in the final stage.

Access to advanced technology and training
Technology-driven start-ups more often than not, lack a trained team and access to advanced technology. This situation does not only stop start-up to growth but also makes the country less developed or even capable. Accelerators like CleanTech provide access to the latest technology and provide the suppor of a trained team for the optimum utilization of these technologies. This enables the growth of the business.

Widespread Global Network
In the business industry, everyone knows the power of an extensive global network. You can collaborate with businesses, investors, and institution at ease. Accelerators bring a widespread global network to the doorsteps of start-ups. More often, accelerators like CleanEdge Accelerator Program provide co-working spaces like Aspirelabs to the selected start-ups. Through regular interaction with these start-ups under one roof, collaboration becomes secure and sufficient.

Divides attention to the social objectives
For start-ups, it is very critical to focus on social goals, primarily, when the start-up is struggling to grow. Accelerators help these start-ups achieve their social objectives as well. If your start-up has any social objective based on environmental sustainability, waste management and renewable, then CleanTech is the right accelerator program for you.

Are you ready to take significant steps for your start-up? Join CleanTech today.
What is the CleanEdge Accelerator Program?
CleanEdge Accelerator Program is a program launched in January’19 by Polyplex Co. Ltd and SRI-TBI. The program will focus on three significant challenges in India—environment sustainability, waste management, and renewable energy. Start-ups can participate in the program if they are technology driven, have an inspiring business ideology, and are founded or co-founded by a woman. CleanTech will support the growth of start-ups in the following ways:
• Providing Research Scientists
• Seed Capital of up to 25 lac to a minimum of five start-ups
• Co-working space, Aspirelabs, located in NCR Delhi, India
• Skill development and technical training to staff
• Mentorship and experiences shared by well-known entrepreneurs

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