CleanEdge Accelerator Program

What you should know about Start up Accelerators before applying!

Start-up Accelerators are well-formed organizations which put forward the growth of start-ups working under one roof. These start-ups may collaborate or perform individually. Accelerator Programs include a complete application and selection process to pick the right start-up and put their prototypes in the market.

The CleanEdge Accelerator Program promotes the growth of start-ups with all-rounding organizational goals and particular ideology of business. If you are likely to apply for CleanEdge Accelerator Program or any other Start-up Accelerator, the following are the things you should know—

Involvement of Mentors

Accelerators aren’t only accountable to provide you a sustainable workplace but also to counsel your start-up each day to attain success step by step. Entrepreneurs, business experts, and industry experts are the right hands of successful start-up accelerators. Time to time interactions with living assets of accelerators transmits knowledge. Also yields a way of survival into the industry for start-ups. While applying for a start-up accelerator, observe the interest and efforts of its mentors in expanding the growth of your business.

Location differences

Start-up Accelerator program taking place within your area or city is not always best for you. To choose the right start-up accelerator for your business is a task should be performed appropriately. Averagely, an Accelerator program goes on for 12 weeks. In between this period, you and your team must be present at the program location (their offices) for expected benefits. While applying, focus on location difference. There could be another city, state or even country you and your team might need to move to for specific duration. However, moving must not be a reason to overlook the right accelerator program for your start-up.

Stage Focus

A mutual aim is a significant factor collaboration between an accelerator program and a start-up. For instance, at this stage, your start-up is looking for product prototyping to fit into the market. On the other hand, the accelerator program is focusing on improving the scale of companies in collaboration. Hence, immediate goal incompatibilities exist in this situation. Thus, this collaboration will not be successful. A right accelerator program must revolve around the completion of your start-up’s immediate goal.


Cohort size

What is Cohort size of an accelerator program?
An accelerator program selects a specific number of start-ups at a time. This number is called the cohort size.

CleanEdge Accelerator Program will select fifteen start-ups at the final stage among all the applications attained in the beginning. Small cohort size is better than the large ones. Attention and involvement of mentors are not limited. In noteworthy of mentioning, large cohort size also has its benefits like global network growth opportunities and easy to collaborate among peers.

If you select an incompatible accelerator program for your start-up, it may lead to confusion among team members and goal distractions. Always prefer taking an in-depth influence forecast upon your business before joining an accelerator program.

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