Introduction to Start-up Accelerators
Start-up accelerators or seed accelerators are cohort-based programs that help start-ups grow and scale- up rapidly. They are fixed-term programs and have a selection process in which start-ups are selected after evaluating their business model, technical viability, economic feasibility, and team strength. The factors which attract many start-ups towards these programs are seed investment, mentorship, access to the market, financial and industry networks and shared purpose – in short, capacity building for scale-up.
Introduction to the CleanEdge Accelerator Program
CleanEdge Accelerator program is a joint initiative of Shriram Institute-technology business incubator and Polyplex Corporation Limited. It is a four-month program with a cohort size of fifteen startups. The program will take help these start-ups scale their growth. The program also includes seed funding of up to Rs 25 lacs to deserving start-ups. One of the exciting fields in the start-up space is ‘CleanTech‘ which is focused on leveraging technology and innovation to solve problems in the area of sustainability and the environment.

CleanEdge Accelerator Program focuses on three primary domains: environment sustainability, waste management, and renewable energy. The categories eligible for participation are the start-ups with Circular Economy Business models, Recycling and Upcycling, Smart City solutions, Renewable energy, 3D Printing, Plastic and Rubber Recycling and Biomaterials etc – in short startups in the space of sustainability and social impact.
CleanEdge Accelerator Program will also provide the start-ups mentoring access to a team of two hundred scientists involved in plastics, rubbers, chemicals, and waste management at the Shriram Institute based in Delhi. It will also provide support, guidance and mentoring from Polyplex, a global leader in the packaging film business with a multinational manufacturing footprint.
What do we do?
Provide access to Investments/Funding
Start-up accelerators help startups become investment ready for the next round of investment. In this Program we work with the Founders of Startups, their Mentors and experts to refine their business model, achieve product-market prepare an actionable business plan to get them ready for next round of growth. At the end of the program, Clean Edge Accelerator would organize a Demo- day for the Startups where they would make a pitch to the invited Investors seeking their investment. In deserving cases, CleanEdge Accelerator could also provide seed capital of up to Rs. 25 lac.
Co-working space for easy collaboration and Mentorship
CleanEdge Accelerator Program uses AspireLabs based in Noida and Startup Oasis as its co-working space and Program implementation Partners. Free workspace is AspireLabs Noida to start-ups undergoing the program. These start-ups working under one roof can find a better and easy way to collaborate and discover mutual benefits. Through the extensive network of Startup Oasis and other Partners in the CleanEdge Program, Startups will be matched to Mentors and domain experts, functional experts and growth hackers and will be guided, advised and mentored by them throughout the four-month Program.
Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals
As explained earlier, CleanEdge program not only focuses on financial goals but also helps Startups in preparing strategies to meet sustainable development goals.
Access to technology and innovation experts
CleanEdge Accelerator Program provides access to technology and innovation experts which is a critical – success- factor for technology-driven start-ups. Technologists, Scientists and Technology Managers from both Polyplex Corporation as well as Shriram Institute are available for mentoring and advice. This program is also supported by NIDHI Programme, which is an initiative of the department of science and technology, the Government of India.
How to apply for the CleanEdge Accelerator Program?
You can click here to apply for CleanTech/CleanEdge Accelerator Program. Application lines are open till 28th February 2019. Out of the first 250 applications submitted through the online portal, fifty will be short-listed. Fifteen start-ups will finally be selected through a rigorous process of interview and business case presentations. These selected startups will be joining the four-month Accelerator Program starting the middle of March 2019.

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