CleanEdge Accelerator Program

There’s a college for entrepreneurs, it’s called an Accelerator!

With more and more startups emerging these days, many of them have started facing challenges that lead to their deaths around the fourth year of business. But what if there was a program with a sole purpose to prevent you from facing such issues?

YES! It’s called an accelerator program which is a three- to four-month course for entrepreneurs to aid them with mentorship programs, cohorts, co-working spaces, direction, and funding. 

Have you heard about the world-renowned companies such as Airbnb, Sphero, Dropbox, Sendgrid and Talkdesk? They are all successful startups that are now much talked about. But guess what! They all had something in common – they all went through an accelerator program. If this reason is not enough to enrol your startup in an accelerator program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1.Mentorship

Every startup has been up and running for quite some time, and is still not able to perform knows that something is missing. More often than not, it’s guidance and experience. That’s where an accelerator has got you covered. You are mentored by mentors who are fit for your business idea and will guide you throughout your journey to reach your goal.

2.More knowledge in less time

An accelerator program usually only lasts for only three to four months like the CleanEdge accelerator programme is a 100-days program. However, even during this short duration, you’ll receive all the benefits of the most intense educational program. Entrepreneurs are taught about various skills and techniques such as how to write business plans, pitch ideas, find the right technology, structure their vision, etc. Such skills will help them achieve their goals.


Being in an accelerator program, you are exposed to ample information from the mentors with years of experience and skills. Utilizing this pool of expertise, you can speed up the process of setting up your startup in a more calculated and strategic manner. This gives you an edge, increasing your success rate. Apart from emotional support, mentors provide direction and knowledge. Plus, you will have the support of the other founders.

4.Build relationships with other like-minded startups

Most accelerator programs offer a co-working space with other startups as well. Working in such an environment not only means you’re able to learn from your mentors but also have the opportunity to work closely with other entrepreneurs. What’s more, you will be able to share knowledge and form bonds that will help you in the future.

5.Access to Investors

While most of the accelerator programs give out much in funding, CleanEdge provides you with in-house funding, depending on the nature of your venture. Apart from that, you are connected directly with several interested investors who are looking out for the next big thing. Their investment will help you further develop your startup into something that shows the potential for return.

These are just a few advantages of enrolling your startup in Aspirelab’s CleanEdge Accelerator Program. To give you an extra edge from others, CleanEdge also provides you with knowledge sessions, high-quality mentorship, opportunity quality mentorship.

So to reach the top of the mountain, don’t wait and get started.


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