CleanEdge Accelerator Program

The A to Z of CleanEdge Acceleration Program

Business acceleration has become a modern term, but it has existed in an indirect way since the dawn of trade and business. In the last few years, it has not only gained momentum but also offered young and budding entrepreneurs a chance to scale their activities at a higher level.

But what exactly is business acceleration or an accelerated program?

Consider yourself having an idea that might work. You have a dedicated team of people who are working on the concept. Your company is registered, and this may seem the most delightful part whatsoever. All your effort is concentrated on developing the MVP or the minimal viable product, and this is when market research is a vague term to you.

When your startup has the MVP, and you have no idea about how the market would react to the product or service offered by you. Customer feedbacks are limited to a small circle that too within family and friends. Your sales won’t boost, and it seems too late to impress the big names in the industry.

But all of this is of prime importance. While you are falling almost on all steps, you are also learning the tricks of the trade. You may double down on your marketing spend or activities. Reposition your product and fit it into your clients base. This is where the change comes.

This is when you begin to expand your team and operations, the organization grows, and growth becomes an essential metrics to discuss in almost all review meetings. Time for serious business.

Navigation through such tides may seem a problematic business for some, and that is when an accelerator can help you row your boat better!

At the CleanEdge Accelerator program, we help you build your business and attract potential and prospective investors. Help you develop your pipeline, close sales and lead your team to expansion and growth.

The application process for our acceleration program is open now and will last until 9th Feb 2019. Apply within this time frame to have better chances of getting into the program.

You will also improve your chances of being selected if your start-up is compliant with our main strategic partners. These cover vast areas of business, such as circular economy, waste management, recycling, plastic and rubber, clean water and clean air technologies, smart city solutions, environmental sustainability.

To apply, you only need to fill up the application form on our website carefully:

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