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Startups and investments related to startups.

Startup is not just a concept but a responsibility to be taken seriously in terms of investment. Every budding entrepreneur plans on taking support to build a base strong enough that would give them profitable results. This is where types of investments play a vital role. The level and quality of their involvement can ultimately help determine a company’s success or failure.

You might want to know about investments that would help you upscale your startup.

Such investments are-

  1. Angel Investment:
    This is one type of investment that involves an angel investor who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.
    As the name suggests, when most of the investors are not prepared to support the startup, these angel investors give financial support at the initial moments helping them succeed.
  1. Investment by Venture capitalists:
    If your startup is already running and showing significant results, you can opt for investments from Venture capitalists. These investors are notable, as they usually invest a substantial amount of money (often around 10 lacs). This support will help you boost your sales or service of the startup, leading to better revenues.
  1. Stocks
    This is another form of investment when you invest in a stock, you become one of the owners of a corporation. Stock mutual funds can be an important form of investment as the value of stock keeps changing from time to time.
  2. Investment Funds
    This is one of the types of investment, generally publicly offered funds—such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds and unit investment trusts etc. Private investment funds (also called hedge funds) are often exempt from registration. You can opt for this investment.

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