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List of successful startups that started from a co-working space

With the rise of startups in the country, the idea of working in a co-working space has increased tremendously. The changing work trend is influencing the employees to work in less traditional settings. Yes, being a startup, you can always opt for work from home but only during your initial stages. Once you’re moving forward, you need to eliminate the various distractions of the home, such as family, kids, and TV.


Moreover, your business loses its credibility when you keep arranging client meetings in restaurants or coffee shops. That’s where co-working spaces swoop and take the spotlight. It is a vast space with desks, chairs, cabins, conference halls and high-speed internet. It is a place where different companies work together in a shared environment, curated to increase your productivity.


There are several reasons for the growth of co-working spaces today. The prime advantage being affordability and flexible pricing options for a professional space. Other advantages are the increased opportunity to build your network and be motivated continuously by your co-workers & their work style. Don’t believe us? Below are a few well-known companies that started from a co-working space but now have reached the top of the ladder.


  1. Spotify

The world-renowned media services providers, founded in 2006, started as a startup in a co-working space, RocketSpace, based out of San Francisco. Today the company has 191 million users, over 87 million subscribers across 78 markets and known to be worth $25B. Though the company was actually launched in 2008 yet in 2017, the company touched nearly 5 billion dollars. Hence, co-working space laid a good foundation for them.



  1. Ofo

This Chinese startup that promotes the Go Green Technique by creating a new concept of sharing and renting bicycles to avoid pollution as much as possible. The company is still known to be operating from a co-working space based in London and since its launch has been able to provide service in more than 21 countries all across the globe. Ofo is by far the largest ‘station-freecycle-sharing company that is working towards creating an environment-friendly approach to life.


  1. Uber

There will hardly be any person today who will not be aware of Uber. But did you know that this ride-sharing idea was formulated to avoid a terrible taxi problem and in a co-working space first in New York and then at Rocket Space, San Francisco? We bet you didn’t. Today the company is operating in 80 different countries with 800 metropolitan areas.


  1. Charity: Water

You don’t need to have a business venture to jump-start your career working in a co-working space. This non-profit organization has also started their journey from there. The objective and goal of Charity are to bring safe drinking water to numerous people all around the globe. Since their launch in the year 2006, this NGO has been able to fund more than 21,000 projects. Hence, the co-working trend did wonders for them.


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