CleanEdge Accelerator Program

CleanEdge Accelerator Program – An initiative for Eco-friendly businesses

CleanEdge Accelerator Program – An initiative for Eco-friendly businesses.


CleanEdge program is a startup accelerator program in the area of Environment Sustainability, Waste Management & Renewables. We are here to support Startups working in the area of recycling, renewable energy, information technology, green transportation and other such environment protection activities. The program aims to mentor startups working towards making the world a better place. With backing from large companies, technical experts, and marquee investors, CleanEdge program is here to gain a boot-start to startups working for the betterment of the environment.


CleanEdge 1.0 was first of many CleanEdge , where 16 startups from different cities are selected and groomed, by mentors and industry specialists, to emerge as a strong company. Not only that, during the program, they are provided with State-of-Art labs, Premium co-working spaces, prototype development facilities, plastic processing facility, speciality chemical labs and other such facilities.


CleanEdge program mentors started an outreach program by visiting different cities and conducting extensive campaigns on social media, searching for startups with a ‘clean’ vision. Our efforts were rewarded when we received about 203 applications. After a thorough evaluation, there were 16 cohorts who were finalized.


From there on their journey began of scaling up their idea. There were 4 contact sessions of two days each (one held at Sri and the other at Aspirelabs). These startups were guided through and through about their business canvas, finance model, architecture, design thinking, GEM, the digital side of the business, 3c modelling, and pitch deck designing. Not only that, the webinars regarding investment terms, IP and other market-related topics were extensively discussed to help these startups scale up. These startups were also given the privilege of individual discussions with mentors regarding how to market their product, distinguish their end customers, business strategies and any other concerns they had.


The Demo Day of our CleanEdge program embarked history. 


On 18th October, at India Habitat Center, an example was set. There were so many investors, startups and other people who wanted to be a part of our program. As a Welcome note, various invitees were given a care package, after registration, comprising of a jute bag, a diary of recycled paper and non-plastic pen. Dr Anita Gupta, Scientist -G /Adviser and Associate Head-NSTEDB, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India, our chief guest, inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. The introductory speech was given by Dr P. K. Kaicker, Joint Director (MSD), Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi; followed by the introduction of the CleanEdge program by Dr Bhupesh. There was a panel discussion on challenges and innovations in clean technology. There was a total of 11 startups who pitched their ideas in front of the audience along with an interactive Q&A session.


CleanEdge is not only an accelerator program, but it’s also a way of encouraging people to believe that their initiative can bring a change in the world. We are here to provide them with all the means including angel investments, crowdfunding, mentorship, venture capitals, etc., that will help them achieve their goals. If you are a Cleantech start-up and you think you have the potential it takes, go ahead and join the accelerator program at Aspirelabs. It is never too late. Make a move. Start with a smart step and build a circular economy.

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