CleanEdge Accelerator Program

Building an ecosystem with #CleanEdge Accelerator 

In today’s time  Startups are filled with immense ideas of innovation that create a change for a new world. There is a stiff competition going on amongst them, and executing a unique plan is very difficult. In order to support environmentally sustainable startup models, accelerator programs are introduced.

Aspirelabs have launched the CleanEdge Accelerator program especially to bring out the innovative ways for Environment Sustainability, Waste Management, and Renewables

Why choose an Accelerator program?

1) Each Drop matters

Every drop builds an ocean. The current state of the planet needs sincere efforts from its inhabitants to create a proper system for waste disposal. Every new venture needs encouragement, both psychologically and financially. One good project can help to boost others automatically, and this can bring a significant change, beneficial to the creators and the environment. 

2) Make an impact on the world

If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. A good Startup is an inspiration for many and the circular economy at large. Ultimately, it is the blueprint for a better future.

3) Ease of Planning 

Aspirelabs’ CleanEdge Accelerator program offers several mentoring sessions to the creators. After a round of careful selection of deserving ideas, these pieces of training is conducted by experienced and highly qualified speakers. Discussions and brainstorming ideas makes planning more accessible and prompt.

4) Discovering investors

Once you have the development of a good plan, the next important step is to pitch your idea, by portraying your idea to the potential investors who are willing to invest in your project. The first hurdle is searching for such investors, which is eased out by CleanEdge Accelerator program, that provides readymade investors to the innovators, the second and the most challenging part is pitching the product. With the Accelerator program, specialized training is imparted which certainly eases out this passage.

5) Learn as you grow

An advanced world requires you to keep moving, and this can happen if you keep learning. Accelerator program gives a perfect platform for learning and helps you grow your idea into a tree full of success.

Let’s build an ecosystem together with startup ideas, investors, and co-working space at Aspirelabs.

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