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A to Z of self-branding for a startup owner. Fuelling your brand like a pro at coworking

Nowadays, it is fashionable to talk about self-branding and how much importance it holds if you’re a startup owner. 

But what exactly does this term mean?

 In simple words, self-branding or personal branding is a process of marketing yourself. It is like promoting your story by showing the world your skills, experience and personality. If you try to create a brand which is not you, self-branding is going to be a difficult task. So, be you.

Today self-branding is not only for freelancers or influencers. The scope of it has risen to much higher levels. It has become much more important for startup owners. Why? Every startup starts with a unique background story, and the storyteller is its Founder/CEO/Owner. It is his image that reflects on the startup. The brand image of the owner will be the foundation that will compel the audience to trust the startup. When the owners invest time, resources and energy in self-branding, they are engraving their presence in the industry. Self-branding will not only help the owners outwardly in getting more business but also inwardly by preaching confidence in their team and attracting more qualified personnel to join. An owner with a strong self-branding is like a magnet, attracting the much-needed attention to grow a business.

In this online era, building a personal brand is much easier than it used to be. The more socially active you are, the more you are recognized by the audience. According to a recent survey by Brandfog:

  • More than 80% of the audience perceive social-media-savvy CEOs and Founders as a better leader
  • 82% said that they are more likely to trust a startup owner who has a brand image and is constantly active on social media
  • 77% will be willing to invest their time and money in such companies
  • 93% of people believe that the founders, who have a strong personal brand and active social media interactions, are likely to build better connections with their customers, employees and investors.

Now that we have understood, why self-branding is the new age marketing strategy for startup owners, the major question arises is how! The process of diving into the ocean of self-branding can be overwhelming, especially if you have just started your startup and are at survival stage. The answer to your entire problem is a Co-working space. Building a company brand and a self-brand is proved to be a much easier task if you’re set up in a co-working space. Why? It is so because a co-working space exposes you to several other companies and professionals with whom you can connect. It is an excellent platform where you can build your social circle. You can spread your message, ideologies and concept easily at one place. It is the perfect place to fuel your brand (personal as well as of your company) like a pro.

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