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5 start-ups driving towards clean technology and creating opportunities for circular economy

Gone are the days when work meant sitting at your desk for hours and focusing on completing the deadlines at hand before heading back home. Nowadays, the agenda is a little more than just work, with a shift of focus on sustainability and initiatives driven to save the environment, which is by including environmental sustainability as part of their corporate mission statement, many start-ups are doing their bit towards contributing to a clean and green society.

Here’s a list of start-ups that are have already made sustainability and eco-friendly environment a part of their vision.


We’re all aware of the ongoing severe water crisis that hit Chennai this year in 2019 due to which lakhs of people have suffered. This is where a Chennai-based start-up, Earth Fokus, comes in with its contribution towards developing sustainable solutions. Their products launched in 2017 – Qua Mist and Eco Mist – turn water into a fine mist thereby saving about 90% water.


Another Chennai-based start-up, WEGoT has come up with the idea of  VenAqua, an end-to-end water management solution. Its state-of-the-art sensor gives data regarding the usage of water by individual units, the amount of wastage, and detects any leakage in the taps.


This is a Delhi-based start-up founded in 2016 with a mission to curb pollution by converting diesel soot from generators into inks and paints. Their innovative technology, Chakr Shield, processes ink pigments from smoke captured from diesel generators, which can be used for painting, textile printing, and paper printing.

  1. Krimanshi Technologies

A social venture founded by (Nikhil Bohra), a biotech engineer, Krimanshi aims to increase rural income by improving the productivity of cattle with a better quality feed. It works on sustainable and alternative feed systems by valorising food residues and inducting new raw materials from food surplus, residue, and waste.

  1. GEM Enviro Management

Founded by two Delhiites, GEM is a scrap management company that aims to promote the collection and recycling of plastic waste. By collecting plastic waste, they recycle them into sustainable consumer products like bags and furniture that are sold under their ‘Being Responsible’ campaign.



To assist start-ups and harness innovations for a clean and green planet, Aspirelabs has launched CleanEdge Accelerator Program. With the backing of large companies, technical experts, and marquee investors, CleanEdge is designed to help start-ups that are working in various verticals like waste management and renewables as well as environmental sustainability. If you are a Cleantech start-up and you think you have the potential it takes, go ahead and join the accelerator program at Aspirelaps. It is never too late. Make a move. Start with a smart step and build a circular economy.


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