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5 practices to attain improved environment sustainability for your workplace


Workplaces these days play a vital role in maintaining a comfort zone for employees; they work, they grow, while they take the first sip of coffee before any hustle. However, a workplace lacking environment sustainability causes employees to pack early, finding a better life outside work for rest of the evening. In between all chaotic workplaces, Aspirelabs stands as an enlightened example of the sustainable workplace for the startups in the following domains: Clean Tech, EV, Sustainable Development, Waste Management, IoT, etc. We call it CleanEdge Accelerator Programme as a commitment to better sustainability of the environmental.

Following are the five best workplace practices to improve environmental sustainability—

Use of Environmental Lights
Lighting alternatives go invisible until or unless, the causes of the current flawed lighting system comes into vision. Non-Ecological lights impact the perception, skin cells in the long run and contain toxic gases. Whereas Environmental Lights like LED does not include any toxic gases and protects the unreasonable usage of energy. These green lights also put a positive impact on the workplace expenses as they last-long five times than natural lights.

Stimulate waste management
Are you aware of the benefits of recycling paper? Well, you don’t, know if you are not practicing the reuse of recycled paper within your workplace. Stimulation of waste management practices like use of PCW Papers, paper products, and packaging, one should exercise. Post-consumer waste paper protects the usage of 45% of energy. Again, Use of PCW as an input in the production of documents is widely helpful for companies looking for cost-saving opportunities.

Communicate to the community
You should involve with the community and spread the message of the safety of the environment, which will help you to expand your goals. Environment sustainability must not be a goal only for the organization but should be practiced in outer places as well. You can host events and programmes where you and your team can communicate about the environment. Give people knowledge of how the situation can be sustainable again, what to do, and what not to practice. A clean place is always a green place.

Energy Auditing
The workplace could not be healthy every time, even if you look at the place all bright and filled. Hidden leaks and cracks lead to increment in energy bill (water, heating, and electricity) by 20% which makes a countable difference. Energy auditing practice helps you to inspect these infrastructure issCo Working Spaceues in your workplace and the negative difference they make. Rectification of these infrastructural errors can make your workplace outstanding and sustainable.

Green office Environment
Plants are the sources of keeping the air, pollution free. Plants in the workplace also provide an era of the fresh environment and improve the productivity of employees. Even, the workplace stays contamination free, and employees remain healthy and actively working.

You can now join the Startup Accelerator, Aspirelabs which acts as a medium to building your startup 10x to its potential. The deadline for registration is nearing, apply today as fifteen eligible startups will be shortlisted under a four months CleanEdge Accelerator Programme. This is a revolution and will accelerate the survival of innovative companies to grow at a faster pace.


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