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4 Reasons why Aspirelabs Co-working should be in you’re bucket list

Coworking brings endless benefits to those freelancers and start-ups who are looking to expand their business – from increased productivity to flexibility, and diversity by the collaboration of ideas increased well being and a lot more.

These spaces cater to a growing army of flexible creators, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, plus there’s the benefit of having a coworking space at a centrally located business hub at much more affordable rates than a traditional commercial office (with savings of up to 20%).

Those of you who need an office or command center but are looking for cost-efficient solutions to their space-woes, you’ll be interested in the benefits of coworking spaces. Here is a list of advantages of working out of a shared space, so you can easily decide if it’s the right way to go for your business.

  1. Centrally located:

Minutes away from Delhi NCR as well as the business hubs in Noida, Aspirelabs is at the central location. With the nearest metro station i.e. Noida Sector 15, it takes less than  15-minutes’ finding it easy to commute to and fro work. So, there is no more worrying about being stuck in a traffic jam during rush hour.

  1. Networking 101:

At Aspirelabs, we share spaces that create a sense of community by allowing you with goal-oriented and high-achieving professionals. Having so many professionals in one room means you have endless networking opportunities for the growth of your business.

  1. Facilities in hand:

If you’ve ever shifted to a new office, you must have gone through the process of moving your furniture or setting up a printer. Well, at coworking spaces like Aspirelabs, they take care of all of this so that all you need to do is begin working. 

Think –Wi-Fi, cafeteria, printer, big screens, projector screen, green screens, library, conference halls, and most importantly, your very own workstation – and you have it all under one roof. They’ll even take care of administrative tasks like paying for internet and ordering office supplies since you can select a weekly or monthly membership plan which will include utility bills.

  1. Learning through mentors:

At Aspirelabs, you’ll be glad to know that there are regular mentor sessions and workshops with industry leaders which prove beneficial to building entrepreneurs and start-ups. It’s especially valuable to connect with successful entrepreneurs so that you can gain from their expertise. Startups that opt for shared workspaces often find that they have plenty of networking opportunities that help them to scale their business.

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