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10 reasons to join an accelerator today

An in-depth look into the benefits of joining an accelerator to accelerate your start-up is most probably the best decision you can take as an entrepreneur. Many accelerators these days have become one of the most significant sources of arranging venture capital for a start-up. However, after joining an accelerator, start-ups come across numerous of windfall stages where they drive their growth without investing anything other than time and teamwork. Here are ten reasons to join an accelerator today—

Additional support system at no cost

An accelerator comprises a big team of support including law firms, attorneys, business experts, tech experts and so on. Thus, additional support is provided from the accelerators’ end. For tech-driven start-ups, the extra help of experts makes it easy to utilize various technologies with optimization. One such accelerator is the CleanTech Accelerator Program which provides the same additional support.

Skill developmental support

Accelerator programs assist your team by building the skill development of each member. It strengthens start-ups and makes them ready to face challenges in the industry in the future. CleanEdge Accelerator Program has been launched jointly by Polyplex Co. Ltd, and SRI-TBI. It provides an opportunity to all the selected start-ups to grow within the four-month program period.

De-risk the business elements

Towards the end of the accelerator program, your start-up de-risks in the context of the business plan, technology roadmap, and strategies. The accelerator helps the start-ups to gain the confidence of any future angel investor they might come across.

Actual Funding

One of the most needed elements for any start-up is funding. In the context of finance, start-ups mostly avoid grasping a significant amount, but they also do not want to be stuck with negotiable funding options. This might hinder their plans and strategies. In this case, an accelerator is the best option for them as it offers financial support. CleanEdge Accelerator program provides a seed capital of up to 25 lac to a minimum of 5 start-ups.

Real-time feedback

In business, there is a rule of appreciation that most companies follow. It destroys the value of real-time feedback which can help a start-up grow in the right direction in many ways. An accelerator program provides mentorship opportunities and real-time feedback regarding their business plan, strategies, and team to assist them for future growth.

Business acceleration through global networking

Accelerator program comes with the leverage of network. It helps start-ups to grow their network within no time and seek collaboration opportunities. This not only helps their start-up but also the start-up they have teamed up with. CleanEdge Accelerator Program provides a co-working space, Aspirelabs, for the selected start-ups to interact and grow either individually or in collaboration.

Financial strength

Robust financial health is not easy to build because start-ups fail to build up the investors’ confidence in the business plan, forecast growth, and re-payment of finance in the form of benefits. This is where accelerator programs come in play as they help start-ups maintain a healthy, exciting, and up-sliding business graph to strengthen the financial health for the future. One such example of an accelerator program is CleanTech.

Achievement of environmental goals

Some accelerators are also focused on pushing towards environmental growth. These accelerators search for the founders & co-founders that have been linked with the same environmental objectives as them, so as to share mutual growth with them. Hence, start-ups who have environmental goals should look out for accelerators with similar goals. CleanEdge Accelerator program focuses on environmental sustainability, waste management, and renewable and thus, is looking for start-ups that aim at working towards the same goals.

Overseas opportunities

Many times, it might turn out that the accelerator which is right for your start-up will not be located in your city, state or country. If you find an accelerator program which matches your requirements but is overseas, this is quite fortunate for you. In this case, you can quickly grab overseas opportunities and get a big break.

Applications are open for CleanEdge Accelerator Program, register today and get an opportunity to work under one roof with other inspiring start-ups at Aspirelabs.

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